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19-year-old head severed, thrown into police station

May 11,2017  

19 year old head severed thrown into police station


CHENNAI: In an extremely barbaric incident in Tamil Nadu last night, a teen was hacked, allegedly by a gang that later flung his severed head into a police station. In CCTV footage, two bikers stop at the entrance, throw the head and drive off into the night.

The police have identified the victim as Suventhan, 19. Based on the video footage, Three persons have been arrested.

The teenager is believed to have been killed by a gang involved in chain-snatching and bike stealing. It is suspected that he was killed because he had informed the police about the members.

The police say he was killed near a lake in neighbouring Puducherry. After beheading him, the killers rode on a bike with the head wrapped in a gunny bag to the police station.

The headless body was later found in the lake, which is around three km from the police station where the head was thrown.