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Snow Kingdom's Haiku(ool) Elocution competition

July 15,2017  

Snow Kingdom organized Haikuool Elocution competition
Snow Kingdom organized Haikuool Elocution competition, Snow Kingdom organized today Haiku(ool) Elocution competition. We are happy to join hands with few of the reputed schools in Chennai on this 1st “Education development day” celebration in our country...................

Snow Kingdom organized today Haiku(ool) Elocution competition. We are happy to join hands with few of the reputed schools in Chennai on this 1st “Education development day” celebration in our country. To mark this celebration, we are conducting an elocution competition amongst students of various schools in Chennai. This competition will have your best PEARLS with orating skills participating. We encourage the school to extend the platform for students to step out of their comfort zone and share a common platform to showcase their skills. - THE FUTURE PILLARS OF INDIA.

The date has been chosen to commemorate Perunthailvar Kamarajar’s 114th birth anniversary. A neutral venue has been identified for the convenience of all schools. Timing marked to encourage the students to participate with fresh energy and cool comfort. The topics are chosen considering the commemorating event. The Topics are below

GROUP 1 : Students between 2nd Standard to 5th Standard

Their Best School Tour Experience


GROUP 2 : Students between 6th standard to 8th Standard

Perunthailaivar Kamrajarar Contribution to Education


GROUP 3 : Students between 9th standard to 12th Standard

Perunthailaivar Kamrajarar Reforms in Education.


Special Guest - Mr. V.G.P. Santhosam Chairman, VGP Group of Companies.