Thai Amavasya – The Auspicious New Moon to Appease Ancestors

Are you experiencing unexplainable problems in life? Do you meet with constant failure despite your hard efforts? It could be due to the restless souls of your ancestors who are sending you cue to liberate them and help them attain salvation. When the departed souls of your ancestors are appeased, they, in turn, shower their blessings on you and your future generations. But, how do you satisfy them? Read on!

 Thai Amavasya: Powerful New Moon for Tarpanam

According to the Puranas, three special New Moon days are considered ideal to offer Tarpanam to your ancestors. Offering Tarpanam on these days is regarded as very important and beneficial as it can satiate the ancestral souls and help them get relieved from the cycle of birth and death. This Thai Amavasya is extra special as there is a rare celestial occurrence called Mahodhyam which happens once in 60 years.

The significance of performing Tarpanam and other rituals have been highlighted in several sacred texts and scriptures. Also, offering Tarpanam during the Tamil month of Thai, a period called ‘Uttarayana’ or ‘Dawn in Heaven,’ when the Sun starts its journey towards the North is considered more auspicious. To help you pacify your ancestors and gain their blessings, AstroVed has put together important ancestral rituals, which can help solve your problems and lead a happy life.

 Feed Your Ancestral Souls to Solve Your Life Problems

Your ancestors influence every aspect of your life and leaving them unattended can result in a big chaos. When they are spiritually well fed and satisfied, they bestow their powerful blessings on you to make you succeed in all your efforts.

 AstroVed’s Thai Amavasya Services

Participate in our Thai Amavasya power rituals to feed the souls of your ancestors, liberate them and help them attain Moksha.           

Tarpanam (Ancestral Offering) At Kerala - most powerful way of satisfying the souls of your ancestors

 Homa (Fire Prayer) To Archetype Karuppasamy - helps stop curses coming from  departed souls or ancestors trapped in the astral plane       

 Feeding Cows With Agathi Leaves (Spinach) - According to scriptures,Gods,Goddesses, and Ancestors all reside in the Cow, so you feed your ancestors by feeding a cow          

Food Feeding To The Poor And Needy – helps receive the blessing of your ancestors and all celestial beings to invite prosperity into your life   

Reciting Gokarna Bhagavata Saptaha (Sacred Vedic Text) - liberates souls who have  committed the worst sins This year, Thai Amavasya falls on February 4, 2019. Take advantage of this powerful time to gain ancestral blessings and get relief from problems in life!

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