Dakshin hosts Onam Sadhya

Dakshin hosts Onam Sadhya
Dakshin hosts Onam Sadhya

Celebrate the harvest festival with an elaborate Onam feast from 5th to 7th September 2014

Chennai, 2nd September, 2014: ONAM marks the celebration of the biggest harvest festival of Kerala and ushering these auspicious beginnings, DAKSHIN hosts a four day feast of ONAM SADHYA.

Chef Harish will concoct a spread of traditional meals from 5th to 7th September, 2014 for the regional festival and celebrate the rich diversity of the peninsular cuisine at the iconic south Indian restaurant at the Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers. ONAM Weekend celebrations at DAKSHIN will offer authentic indulgences of vegetarian dishes to rejoice the bounty of nature.

In keeping with the tradition, the Rice lunch will be served on the traditional thali of Dakshin complemented by curries cooked in a distinct style; the elaborate fare continues with various add-ons such as Sambhar, Avial, Rasam and much more. An array of the most delectable dishes from the region, the ONAM SADHYA menu will entice your palette along with signature dishes of DAKSHIN.

This weekend enjoy a splendorous gastronomic journey packed with indulgences and local delicacies of Kerala at the four day long feast at DAKSHIN, from 5th to 7th September.

Average meal for two will cost INR 4000

Reservation & Information:

Tel: 044-42992008

Email: mytable.sheratonpark@itchotels.in

Visit Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers,

T.T.K. Road,

Chennai - 18.

Dakshin hosts Onam Sadhya