Eastern Bhoomika The Iconic Woman Awards 2018

Eastern Bhoomika The Iconic Woman Awards 2018

'Seen All Awardee's with Archana suresh, Meghana Dabbara,Dr Prabha Agarwal, Yandamoori Veerendranath, Rema Rajeshwari, IPS, Sandhya Venugopal Godey,Neelima, Madhu Tugnaik,Mini Monesh'

HYDERABAD, 08 March, 2018: It is a momentous day for every woman on earth. Being part of a day that is exclusively dedicated to women is in itself an incredible motivator.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, The Kochi-based Eastern Condiments, One of the largest spice exporters in India celebrates Eastern Bhoomika 4th edition at Hyderabad.

Eastern condiments has instituted an award to recognise women who have excelled in their life, and who have been an inspiration to many. On the occasion of the Women’s Day the Eastern Group is happy and proud to honour these unsung heroes under the ‘Eastern Bhoomika Iconic Women of Your Life’ initiative.

Bhoomika- The Iconic Woman Awards has earned reputation of being a true-blue salutation to the achievers, most of whom are unsung as they are only known in places where they stay or work and help promote societal well-being.

Most of those short-listed and eventually awarded the prize may not be known to the outside world but to those who have benefitted from the relentless work of these pioneering women, they are nothing less than reverential iconic figures.   

As you can see from the august gathering that is assembled here today, the awardees and the people seem to have established connect because they understand each other through the common bond-promoting women in every sphere of life.

We had an equally overwhelming response when the previous year’s award function was held in Kerala, Karnataka, Lucknow, Pune and Chennai.

This time around, even as we speak, a similar event is being held in Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Agra and Varanasi, which indicates our intention to recognize talent all over the country.

Team Bhoomika understands that each and every woman is endowed with the strength and innate potential to withstand and conquer struggles, intolerance and every odd with sheer grit and determination. It is this spirit that makes them what they are-achievers who have risen with their well-intended intention of serving the society, howsoever miniscule that might be. Sadly, most of such achievers remain faces in the crowd to a vast majority.

We feel proud to honour a select few today. Mind you, the names have been recommended by the common folk and have been nominated by those who have known these extraordinary women and whose life has helped inspire and motivate several others in the neighborhood.

We feel privileged to honour those who have been included in this year’s roll of honours from Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh.

1. Archana Suresh is a Social Activist and helps through her much appreciated ‘Bring a Smile’ Foundation.

2. Likhita Bhanu, the Founder-Director of Terra Greens Organic, is spreading the importance of eco-balance by going green.

3. Meghana Dabbara, who heads the NGO ‘Make the World Wonderful’ is striving to achieve the same-making it a wonderful place to live in.

4. Sandhya Venugopal Godey is into the noble task of educating children, particularly from the deprived sections, with her ‘Speaking Chalk to equip students’.

5. Sujatha Burla embodies the guts and glory spirit of women. A paralysis stroke that damaged her spinal cord has not deterred this fighter’s combativeness. Today, she is an expert in stock trading.

6. Sreelatha Geeni is an entrepreneur who has been winning accolades for her role as a social worker.

7. Manjula Kalyan, being integral to Swayakrushi Foundation, has mastered the art of honing the skills o