New Year Celebrations with Taj Hotels, Chennai

New Year Celebrations with Taj Hotels, Chennai

Savour special cuisines for Tamil New Year’s Day and Vishu

Southern Spice at Taj Coromandel and Raintree at Vivanta by Taj-Connemara present special festive culinary feasts offering guests the quintessential South Indian experience. Revel in the festivities of Tamil New Year’s Day on April 14 at Southern Spice and Raintree, and Vishu on April 15 at Southern Spice with Special Lunch Thalis offering traditional South Indian food.

Southern Spice, Taj Coromandel

Enjoy rich, traditional and delightful cuisine from Tamil Nadu on TAMIL NEW YEAR’S DAY. Choose from Vaazhai Thandu Chaaru (A flavorful extract of banana stem spiked with fenugreek, cilantro and pepper), Kaaraikudi Kozhi Jeeragam (A cumin and cilantro flavored chicken curry from the houses of chettiyars).

Thanjavur Kari Varuval (Lamb morsels cooked with shallots, chillies and deep fried with a coat of egg), Naatukkai Yeral Kozhambu (Prawns cooked with country vegetables), Kaaikari Mandi (A mélange of seasonal vegetables simmered in starch water and traditional spices), Maa Inji Thakkali Kootu Kari (Mango scented ginger and tomatoes cooked with stewed pigeon peas), Poosnikai Morekozhambu (Ash gourd cooked in curried yoghurt), and Beetroot Pattani Vadai (Gallettes of beetroot and green peas).

Savour these to the accompaniments of Parota (Flaky South Indian bread), Masala Uttappam (Rice and lentil pancakes topped with onion, tomato and chilli), Thakkali Pudhina Saadam (Tomato and mint flavored rice), and Steamed Ponni Rice. The traditional deserts include Semiya Javarisi Payasam (Vermicelli and sago reduced milk pudding) and Godhumai Halwa (A whole wheat confection from the hamlets of Tirunelveli).

Enjoy the Lunch Thali on April 14, priced at INR 1500 plus taxes (Vegetarian) and INR 1800 plus taxes (non-Vegetarian). Call +91 44 66002827 for more details.

For all lovers of Kerala food, enjoy the VISHU menu that includes delectable Pineapple Rasam (A flavorful extract of pineapple spiked with cumin and pepper), Chemeen Kakkathil (Prawn in fiery chilly and tomatoes cooked dry with coconut oil), Neimeen Vattichadhu (Seer fish cubes slow simmered in a tangy and spicy curry spiked with kodumpulli), Naadan Kozhi Curry (A country style chicken curry flavored with cumin and coconut milk).

Avial (A medley of vegetables slow simmered with yoghurt and a home-ground mix of chillies, coconut and cumin), Olan (String beans stewed with onions in coconut milk) , Erissery (A traditional Kerala style preparation of yam and black eyed beans cooked with a mix of coconut, pepper corn and chilli), Cheppangezhangu Ozhichukootan (Colocasia cooked in a Trivandrum style chilli and coconut curry).

Pachamaanga Kootu Kari (Raw mango in stewed pigeon peas), Pachakari Kurma (Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked in a rich cashew and coconut gravy), and Parippu Vadai (Crispy fried lentil gallettes). Savour these with Idiyappam (String hoppers), Parota (Flaky Malabar style bread), Appam, Steamed Ponni Rice, and Red Rice. The traditional meal ends with the traditional dessert - Paal Ada Payasam ((Rice flakes simmered in sugar and reduced milk with a hint of green cardamom) and Chakka Pradhaman (Jackfruit and coconut milk delicacy).

Enjoy the Vishu Lunch Thali on April 15, priced at INR 1500 plus taxes (Vegetarian) and INR 1800 plus taxes (non-Vegetarian). Call +91 44 66002827 for more details.

Raintree, Vivanta by Taj-Connemara

Raintree offers an interesting traditional banana leaf experience that includes scrumptious dishes like Veppampoo Panagam (Neem Flower Jaggery Drink), Vellari kai pachadi, Manga enippu pachadi, Kosumbari, Parppu wadai, Parppu podi / nei, Udaith kadali thouvayal, Vazhakai varuval, Urulai mochai roast, Beans parippu ussali, Aviyal, Kadhamba sambar and Thakkali rasam. Savour these with Steam rice, Applam / vadam/ vathal more melagai/ urugai and Thayir sadam. The delectable desserts include Palaplham Halwa, (Jack Fruit Halwa), semiya paysam and Banana Appam.

Enjoy the Lunch Thali on April 14, priced at INR 900 plus taxes. Call +91 44 66000000 for more details.