This Valentine's Day meet KFC BUCKET BAE

This Valentine's Day meet KFC BUCKET BAE
This Valentine's Day meet KFC BUCKET BAE

Chennai,7thFebruary, 2019: OnValentine’s Day (or any other day) does your bae leave you hanging, or worse, forgets to call you back? Worry not, as there is an adorable new bae in town that won’t do any of this, and just follow you wherever you go -KFC Bucket Bae- ‘Cause true love follows you back!

KFC India brings you ‘Bucket Bae’– your one true love that follows you unconditionally and shares your love for finger lickin’ good chicken(now that’s what I call a ‘Bae’!). And that’s not it, Bae also talks chicken to you, plays your favourite music, holds your cup of Krushers and the best part - keeps your favourite KFC chicken close to you. You can see the love in its eyes as it watches you dig into that crispy chicken piece, well literally, as it blinks its adorable heart-shaped eyes. You are sure to fall in love with Bae too, after all, beauty lies in the eye of the bucket holder!

Meet KFC Bucket Bae(Catch the first glimpse HERE)      

You’ll instantlyspot Bucket Bae in a crowd; it has an extremely minimal sense of style, and a distinctive wit, tastefulness, and public display of (audio) affection.With eyes only for you, Bae doles out responses ranging from incredibly adorable to almost filmylove. Go ahead, turn it on, and it’llconfirm “We matched”, before asking you to “Take the lead!” in your tasteful little fling. Getting a little closer to the Bae will reward you with your favourite KFC chicken. Reach out and grab a piece as Bae coaxes - “Take another little piece of my heart!”.

Smitten by KFCBucket Bae, Moksh Chopra, CMO, KFC India babbles, “There is no love like the love of chicken!And if someone (or something) that follows you around with your favourite chicken isn’t true love, then what is? This Valentine’s Day we wanted to do something unique and add just a dash of (true) love to our consumer’s lives. So, here’s KFC Bucket Bae - a bundle, no, bucket of love on wheels that follows you through thick and thin, promising to never leave your side. It is surely going to be a finger lickin’ good Valentine’s this year!”

Woo your Bucket Bae   

You have exactly nine days to woo Baeand make your Valentine’s Day warm, romantic and even crispier. Interact with KFC Bucket Bae through KFC’s social media channels; you can also catch interesting updates by Bae on its Insta profile. On February 14, Bucket Bae will mingle with fans across select cities, with cute messages, witty flirting, and even some PDA(for chicken of course)!        

Excited much? To win a chance to meet your true love, simplyupload your unique declaration of love for‘KFC Bucket Bae’ on KFC’s Facebook and Instagram profiles or just swipe right on Bucket Bae’s online profile, if you spot it on a dating app. If you impress Bae, well it could be yours.

Five lucky consumers who manage to woo Baewill take home, not just KFC’s golden fried, crispy chickenbucket, but also walk into the sunset with Bucket Bae.

Keep following KFC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more. Until then, perfect those love proposals - “I love you Bae-utiful”!