Tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety

Tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety
Tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety

CHENNAI: Pankaj Aggarwal, Senior Homeopathy Physician from Agarwal Homeo Clinic, has shared some tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety.

* Preparation holds the key: The most important thing is to be well prepared. Start preparation early. As practice makes a better understanding and recollection and makes you perfect in it. This makes exam preparation a stressful activity. To prepare for it, you need to create your own timetable for all the crucial days. The timetable should be realistic that you abide by it.

* Mediatate: Meditation is a great way to bust stress. Doing it daily can do wonders. Meditation could bring your mind to focus. It would also remove unwanted thoughts from your mind. Keep your face facing upwards. Your palms should be open kept on lap facing upwards. Perform this for 10 to 15 minutes in a day early morning. It also improves your memory and concentration power.

* Eat, rest well and sleep well: Do not study through night before an examination. your brain needs to be rested for it to retain information. Six hour sleep is more important before exam and be conscious about your diet because body always need support, support as in food. Eat green vegetables and dry fruits.

*Identify stress symptoms: These are the symptoms that you are suffering from stress are given below:

* If you are falling sick very often without any reason.

* If you constantly keep worrying about your results.

* If you feel afraid when someone talks about your future.

These are the symptoms of stress or anxiety, do not avoid them because it will worsen your exam performance as well as your health.

* Listen to music: This can create a positive and productive environment by elevating your mood and encouraging you to study more effectively and for longer.

* Avoid stimulants: It is a myth that caffeine, nicotine or any other substance can help improve concentration. On the contrary, they are likely to increase your anxiety level and making you feel more stressed. These things never helpful for decreasing your anxiety level or feel you relaxed. So avoid them is the best option specially during exams.

Tips to overcome exam fear and anxiety