VH1 Inside Access Show Round up

VH1 Inside Access Show Round up

7 best ‘Vh1 Inside Access’ moments

Vh1 Inside Access comes to an end, and with a heavy heart we bid farewell to the show that has entertained the audience to extreme doses of Bollywood. With an incredible host, the show has tapped into the likes of Shahid and Mira’s bedroom secrets to Malaika’s favourite position

We have an interesting round-up of the top 7 celebs who created a buzz during their visit to the Vh1 Inside Access sets:

Huma Qureshi on Airport looks

“Who the hell invented airport looks?” – Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi takes a dig on the ‘Airport look’, she said, “Who the hell invented the airport look! I just want to know that. Like why are people so dressed up in heels and jackets and blow-dried hair and red lipstick, where are they going?! What’s happening? Do you know how much you have to walk! Do you know how uncomfortable it is! Like why are we doing this to ourselves girls? Like why?”

Shahid and Mira’s bedroom secrets

When the host asked the adorable couple who has the bigger wardrobe, Shahid speaks about the couple’s wardrobe, “The house we live in now, it got ready 6 months before we got married, and so there was no plan for a wardrobe for a lady, it was supposed to be for me alone. I had two sides, and they were exactly the same size and so when she came in I emptied one side and said this is what I have…So we have the exact same size wardrobe.”  Shahid added, “Her shoe collection is way bigger than mine and it keeps eating into my space so I keep throwing them away.” And yes, “Mira SLEEPS in my clothes!” he added.

Malaika likes it ‘On Top’

The sassy beauty went wild with her answer when asked herpreference when it comes to men. We can’t help but wonder who is she indirectly hinting at.  Malaika said, “Game Night – Bearded Boys – Funny Guy” were her choices. But most importantly, she revealed that her favorite position is “On Top.”

Neha Dhupia’s take on Ranveer Singh

Neha is known for her quirky and fun responses, that adds up to her bindaas attitude. On being asked,  “Ranveer Singh can…” and the sassy Neha to this laughed and responded saying, “Who can come close to wearing every print in his girlfriend’s wardrobe”.

If Tanmay Bhat was given inside access to Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account

Tanmay Bhat without giving a second thought said, “I would delete it. I would delete it immediately!” The comedian went on to say that “I would be honest with everybody going, ‘I don’t actually want to be a politician, but I have to be’!” It did not end there, when asked who were the five people he would want in his inner circle, he said, “Modiji, Amit Shah and ArunJaitley…if I have them; who are the most powerful people in the world right now, I don’t need anyone else…”

Varun Thakur on legalising marijuana

Star comedian Varun Thakur hits a new high when asked if he was given Inside Access to the parliament what would her do – his response, “I would legalise Marijuana”. A perspective that was well-heard and received by the people and politicians of India.

Farah Khan on how SRK went missing during shoot!

When asked about her best memories from on sets, Farah said, “When we were shooting in Kerala for ‘JiyaJale,’ I told Shah Rukh that we are doing a sequence at the waterfall and I am going to make you wear a white dhoti and make you come out of the water. Of course I was joking with him; but that’s the first time in 25 years that he didn’t land up for a shoot. He said he lost his way and there were no Google maps then. We were in a forest in Kerala.” Adding to that, she went on to say, “If you go back and see the song, PreetiZinta is alone