World Liver Day - 19th April, 2019

World Liver Day - 19th April, 2019

New Delhi: With Westernization trending up among the Indian youth, poor lifestyle is attributing to an increase in number of liver ailments. Keeping our liver in a perfect condition is very much important for all. Taking the decisions late in the case of health issues which shows the symptoms of having liver disease is itself for it to be one of the most common diseases in India. 

According to recent reports of WHO, around 45% of the global diseases and 60% of mortality rate is attributable to chronic diseases accounting for over 35 million deaths annually. Considering the statistics from last few years, Liver related diseases are being recognized as one of the most common diseases which are becoming the reason for increasing death rate in India.

As per the recent data provided by Globacan India 2018, Liver cancer was ranked 12th amongst the most frequent cancer in India, accounting for around 30000 new cases of liver cancer recorded.

“Cirrhosis is an end result of a variety of liver diseases characterized by fibrosis and architectural distortion of the liver with the formation of regenerative nodules which needs to be timely intervened before becoming life threatening disease. The World Liver day is observed every year on April 19 with the aim to build awareness among masses about the importance of liver in human body, about the liver issues, cases of liver diseases and new inventions which are available to treat liver related diseases.” said Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO,

Cancer seems to have a way of deeply invading the lives of those stricken by the disease. And very often the treatment isn't much friendlier to patients. But some recent advances in cancer treatment are helping, including some minimally invasive and non surgical procedures, especially in case of Liver tumours. 

“While surgery to remove a liver tumor offers the best chance for cure, surgery is not an option for more than two-thirds of patients with primary liver cancer which is said to be the fifth most common cancer and the third most common cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Approximately, seventy percent of patients with liver cancer cannot opt for surgery for many reasons, like, the tumours could be too large to be removed or they could be too close to major blood vessels or other organs. And many a times, patients may have many small tumors in the liver, thus making surgery too risky or impractical.” added Dr. RP Singh, HOD - Gastroenterology, Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.

Liver is the main player and unique organ in human body and has a special capacity of regeneration. Everything we consume passes through the liver and it helps to digest it. It fights infections, removes toxins, controls cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, and makes proteins. People should take care of their liver by adopting healthy lifestyle, and have a balanced diet of proteins, grains, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and fats.