AstroVed in Naadi jothidam

AstroVed in Naadi jothidam

Nadi astrology is a rare technology- a Divine being has given detailed predictions about your life, how to overcome problems and achieve your highest potential. These predictions have been inscribed on sacred palm leaves that are waiting for you.  You will be attracted to seek your Nadi leaf at a time in your life when you are due for a change in your destiny.  You will know if this is the time to meet up with your Nadi leaf.


UNDERSTAND YOURSELF – Get to know who you are, in previous births, present and future

IDENTIFY – Identify and reduce or remove your life problems with special remedies recommended on your leaf

AVOID – Predicts future hardships and gives the way out of it or to avoid it

PROTECT – Gives a clear picture of your destiny. You need not worry with a map in hand

REBUILD – If broken, helps you rebuild your health, finances, career, business and relationships

REVELATIONS – Nadi leaves answer even unasked questions that you have in mind during the reading

BENEFIT – Your effort to receive the sacred predictions on your Nadi leaf benefits your entire family

Seek your Nadi leaf to receive Divine guidance that has been waiting for you at an important juncture in your life

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