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The social and project-based learning platform caters to kids aged between 5-15

DIY TV brings specially curated global learning content

Bengaluru, November 8, 2021: Educational technology platform (acquired and operated by Kyt Technologies Pte Ltd) today announced the launch of DIY TV, a subscription-based video-on-demand (S-VOD) platform designed exclusively for kids. The first-of-its-kind OTT platform, it aims to fill a latent need by providing specially curated, age appropriate, global content designed to inspire learning and exploration through active consumption of content.


The platform tries to disrupt the conventional norms of consuming content with an unique proposition. After kids watch shows on the platform, they are presented with a set of unique yet simple challenges and projects, that are inspired by the shows and meant to help kids perform the same in the real world. They can then share these projects and experiences with their fellow DIYers and earn XP points in a broader community setting. With’s growing global community of children from 167 countries and counting, the platform gives a unique opportunity to share, collaborate, and learn.


With a growing subscriber base and thriving community of thousands of kids across the world, DIY allows kids to share what they learn, create with other kids, and receive feedback from moderators and mentors - all within a COPPA-compliant and 100% kid-safe environment.


With the introduction of DIY TV, would become one of the first EdTech platforms to make a foray into the OTT space for kids. DIY TV will change how kids consume content through three key focus areas - 1. providing healthy screen time, 2. promoting active (instead of passive) consumption of content, and 3. creating a positive loop of consumption, creation, and collaboration. The idea is to provide rich and inspiring content that nudges kids to spend off-screen time in the form of activities and projects. Moreover, the active community on the platform helps kids collaborate and share, thus adding another layer of positive reinforcement towards learning-based content consumption.


The advent of OTT and on-demand technology, combined with the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, has changed the way children access and interact with content. This has made parents question the screen time spent by kids. In the absence of a child-centric positive content available, any screen time today is deemed bad. However as Keith Schacht, CEO, The Explanation Company and co-founded Mystery Science (acquired by Discovery Education) explains perfectly in his article, many parents have concluded that screens are “bad” because they see their children engaging in what they consider a low-value experience. But it is important here not to conflate the quality of the content with the medium itself, nor with the mode of interaction (active or passive). Screens themselves are not inherently good or bad and there is room to reevaluate our preconceived notions of screen time by turning the screen from a mere distraction device into a reference tool.


Speaking about the launch of DIY TV, Bhavik Rathod, co-founder, Kyt Technologies, said, “The reality of today is that children are consuming most of their content from a screen. Content that is currently available is passive at its best and unsafe at its worst. Parents are looking for good quality content for their children and kids are seeking rich, educational and a variety of peer-accepted content. DIY TV is bringing content that addresses both these wants in a way that has never been done before”. 


Talking about DIY TV’s core offering, Tripti Ahuja, Co-founder, Kyt Technologies, said, “We are building DIY as a transmedia company in the kids learning space. We believe in the power of good screen time for kids, and to that end, are excited to launch DIY TV as a new vertical on our platform”.


In Feb 2021, Kyt Technologies acquired San Francisco based and merged Kyt Academy and DIY operations. With the acquisition, Kyt not only rebranded to DIY but also expanded its global footprint. DIY covers a range of 160+ skills that kids can explore and learn through a variety of engaging courses, challenges, live workshops and contests.


About - The Learning Community

9 out of 10 parents want their kids to learn new skills and 85% are willing to pay for after-school learning creating an over $55Bn opportunity globally. However, school’s are limited in their options, platforms like YouTube are not preferred by parents, other solutions lack features to make learning social or engaging and aren’t truly global. While ~60M kids are enrolled in premium private K-12 schools (in English speaking countries), less than 10% have access to opportunities that lead to learning new future ready skills. DIY is building the largest online learning community of kids that learn skills together. Through it’s unique project-based learning approach, social community and a highly rated product available across devices, DIY provides access to a large library of content - courses, shows & projects - for kids to explore and find their passions while teaching them new skills.


DIY closes the loop beautifully - kids watch engaging videos or join live workshops and learn, do projects and share their creations in a safe & moderated community to get peer and mentor feedback. Unlike any other EdTech startup, DIY is more social learning that disrupts e-learning by creating a community where kids learn together, explore new skills and share their creations while ‘learning by doing’. Through it's subscription model, DIY has strong product-led growth and a unique offering that doesn’t really have a direct competitor globally.


DIY has a growing subscriber base and a thriving community with thousands of kids across 160+ countries. With head offices in India, Singapore and US, DIY was founded in June 2020 by husband and wife duo Bhavik Rathod and Tripti Ahuja.