Gift Your Valentine a Financially Secured Future

Gift Your Valentine a Financially Secured Future

It’s that time of the year, when cities turn red. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and chocolates, flowers, and jewellery, like always, are going to be the most sought after gifts for couples to express their love and appreciation for their significant other. While these will continue to be the clichéd gifts, this Valentine’s Day gift your loved ones a secured future. A not-so-conventional choice of gift, life insurance, can be one of the most thoughtful and selfless gestures of love.

While surprising your partner would obviously woo them and make them happy, securing the family with a term plan would be an expression of your lifelong commitment towards not just your partner, but your entire family. Aviva i-Term Smart is one such protection plan that secures your family against the uncertainties of life.

Aviva i-Term Smart, is one of the most affordable term insurance plans that pays a lump sum to the nominee(s) in case of the unfortunate death of the life insured. Additionally, this term plan also offers an optional rider, Aviva Critical Illness & Disability Rider-Non Linked Rider. This additional option simply means that the customer can opt for an enhanced protection cover for 16 critical illnesses & permanent total disabilities due to illness or accident.

Ensuring your family’s financial stability, even in your absence, is one of the most selfless gestures of love you can make this Valentine’s Day. A protection plan will not just enable your loved ones to meet their immediate expenses, but will also help them in clearing possible debts and liabilities such as loans, cost of child’s education etc. Such financial support is necessary to ensure that your family continues with their current lifestyle and are not burdened with added responsibilities.

Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance said, “There is no greater satisfaction than securing the life goals of our loved ones’. At Aviva Life Insurance, we understand this fact and have worked to build a product that helps to secure the dreams of our customers and their loved ones if case life were to throw an unpleasant situation. Aviva i-Term Smart is once such protection plan that not just secures the financial future of your loved ones, but also protects you with the option of the optional riders.”

To sum up, it is important to understand that life insurance coverage is more affordable and simpler than you might think. Depending on how much money you and your family would need to cover expenses, the policy can be customised with the option of additional riders. While we are making a conscious effort to ensure better lifestyle for us and our loved ones, this Valentine’s Day look at taking another step towards a secured future. Express your eternal love to your partner, by securing their future against all uncertainties with Aviva i-Term Smart.