Boingg! - A Smart and Fun-ctional Range of Kids’ Furniture Has Recently Hit the Market

Boingg! - A Smart and Fun-ctional Range of Kids’ Furniture Has Recently Hit the Market

Ms. Neha Indoria(Co-founder, Boingg!)

Finally, every parents’ prayer for quirky aesthetic kids’ furniture has been answered with Boingg!’s latest collection at their online furniture store. With a variety of quirky, fun and stylish forms of kids’ furniture, Boingg! has been winning hearts of several parents already.

22nd July, 2019, New Delhi: Parents searching for a place to shop for unique, creative, handcrafted kids’ furniture need not look further. Boingg! Is a new and advanced ecommerce market player catering exclusively to the needs of kids’ furniture.

Dhruvan Barar and Neha Indoria’s combined brainchild has put Boingg! in the headlines right after it launched in February 2019. Their plan for Boingg! is to connect with the parents’ need for functional, safe, and durable furniture that their kids find quirky, smart, and colourful. The ultimate mission of this brand is to provide an affordable and harmless options to expensive custom creations or cheaper plastic-y alternatives available in the market.

“We personally look after the designs and creation of every product at Boingg! There is an absolutely no compromise policy at our manufacturing floor when it comes to the safety requirements for our products”, shared Dhruvan Barar, Co-Founder, Boingg!

Both, Dhruvan and Neha, have 15 years of corporate exposure collectively and both plan to “make Boingg! a household name across India and help kids find true joy in their rooms filled with furniture that isn’t an afterthought but is designed specifically for them”, Neha added. She further added, “we want to instill in the parents, the confidence to buy their kids’ furniture online knowing that the product they receive will be thought-through, functional and safe for their little monsters.”

When questioned about their company goals, Dhruvan explained that “with constant push to innovate and to evolve to parents need, every month, Boingg! is adding new products in their existing categories. By next year, we want to completely bridge the gap that existed and position Boingg! as the key player in kids’ furniture category”.

Currently, the company offers products belonging to diverse categories such as beds, nursery, storage solutions, study tables, décor, and seating options.
What makes Boingg! unique is their fun and quirky designs which are functional, safe, and attractive.

Boingg! can be found online at They are currently shipping to Delhi & NCR but plan to expand their horizon in coming months. To stay up to date on new designs, visit their blog’s page.