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Diabetacare nominated for the prestigious international Global Mobile Awards

February 25,2016  

Diabetacare nominated for the prestigious Global Mobile Awards
Leading Indian medical start up Diabetacare which has used innovative digital technology to revolutionize...

Indian medical start up Diabetacare nominated for the prestigious international Global Mobile Awards

* Global Mobile Awards are given out each year to organizations making a difference with path breaking technological innovation

New Delhi, 25 February, 2016: Leading Indian medical start up Diabetacare which has used innovative digital technology to revolutionize diabetes management in India through mobile interface has been nominated for the internationally acclaimed ‘Global mobile awards 2016’

Diabetacare was  shortlisted under the category ‘Best mobile innovation for “The internet of things” at the prestigious platform. The winners were announced on 24thFebruary in the ceremony  held in Barcelona, Spain.   

Diabetacare has offered a unique 24x7 care support platform that automatically takes care of all aspects of diabetes care – from screening, intervention to monitoring. Reducing the requirement of patient travelling to different sources for blood tests, reports and consultation, Diabetacare has unified all aspects of diabetes management under one platform. The system has set up a24x7 monitoring service through a set of leading-edge devices that allows patient to be connected to a centralized monitoring center.

Diabetacare also owns a unique connected new generation glucometer that transmit glucose readings to their secured database to be updated in the patients’ personalized electronic medical record system.

Dr Sanjiv Agarwal, Founder &MD, Diabetacare says, “It is an honor to be nominated at such a prestigious international platform. Through Diabetacare, we have tried to use innovative digital technology to help millions of Indian diabetics who suffer due to lack of comprehensive diabetes management systems. We are hopeful that we can contribute towards improving quality of life of many patients as well as saving and prolonging many other lives with the help of integrated technological advancements.”

GSMA’s Global Mobile Award is the industry’s leading stage for innovation, excellence and achievement. Starting this year, the platform has been given a brand new name in “The GLOMOAwards” 2016. It is the mobile industry’s longest established awards platform that recognizes everything from game changing mobile devices to applications, technologies, apps and services, showcasing the ever growing value that mobility brings to users, to industries, to businesses, communities and economies.

Diabetacare offers exceptional technology which is very helpful for patient care. Some of their services are listed below:

* Diabetacart℠: is a small, portable kit that allowstheir diabetes specialist nurses to screen patients for diabetes at home or in the clinic. Diagnostic components include a retinal camera for diabetic retinopathy screening, a 12 lead ECG for assessing cardiovascular risk, a vascular Doppler for blood pressure, dynamic foot pressure mapping capability, and much more.

* InTouch™App: helps the physician manage and monitor patients that require extra care and attention. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including tablets, “phablets”, and smartphones.

* dCare Smart™: is a connected “smart” glucometer. Results are transmitted within 30 seconds to the electronic medical record system. It is powered by Vodafone GSM SIM and connected to secured award winning M2M platform.

* DxNET™: is a comprehensive electronic medical record system that helps with clinical decision making (CDM) by providing prompts and reminders to the experts and their patients for better quality care.

Some of the key modules include:Patient Booking and Clinic Management Tool

* Connected Devices

* Connected Apps