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“Never Mind” by Arun the Mentalist

April 13,2017  

Never Mind by Arun the Mentalist
Never Mind, a 90 minute show by Arun Loganathan, popularly known as ‘Arun the Mentalist’ is an International award winning Magician...

Mind is a Play and I am the Player. Let’s Play with MIND!!!

Chennai, 13th April 2017: Never Mind, a 90 minute show by Arun Loganathan, popularly known as ‘Arun the Mentalist’ is an International award winning Magician, a professional mentalist and an escape artist, is sure to sweep your soul away. It is a fun-filled show imbibed with wits and laughs.

Arun performs acts like predicting a random word from a newspaper, reading the mind of four people from the audience, lie detection based on cold reading, taking risk with the help of a random person intuition, ATM pin revelation and much more. These mind-bending acts are sure to keep you glued to your seats in awe.

Though he is a qualified law and management graduate, Arun’s endearing passion for magic & mentalism and his determination to achieve in that field made him take it up as a profession, despite having been attacked by polio at the tender age of one. He considered his disability as a motivational factor, soared higher and turned into an energetic and multi-talented person.

His shows cater to all kinds of audiences from children to elderly people. He adopts techniques which has a combination of mentalism and humor. There have been jaw-dropping illusions performed by him in front of a large audience. He is also a trained hypnotist who knows to control the minds of other people, influence their thoughts and extract information from them by analyzing their psychological and behavioral patterns. His psychic abilities have not only have gone to the extent of pleasing the sense of vision, but also the sense of hearing.

Arun was the first person in India to perform the suspended Straight Jacket Escape in 2007 for an AIDS awareness campaign. He does many corporate shows which serves as a stress buster to employees and he makes sure it’s a memorable one for them. Arun is also fondly nicknamed as ‘Local David Blaine’ by many in India. He’s the first Indian to win the Merlin Medal in Close-up Magic conducted in Bangkok in 2013 and also holds four India Book of Records.

“Never Mind” is a show which will never leave your mind!

Show Details:

Date: 22nd April 2017, Saturday

Time: 6 PM (90 Minutes)

Venue: Russian Cultural Centre, Alwarpet, Chennai

For Tickets Contact: 8123125850