Arun Icecreams Launches an Innovative Ice Cream range for this summer season

Arun Icecreams Launches an Innovative Ice Cream range for this summer season

Beat the heat with the newest delights from Arun Icecreams

April/May, 2019: Arun Icecreams, widely popular for its delectable variety of icecreams that are made with real milk and cream, has launched an assorted range of novel icecreams to take on the soaring temperature, this season. Delighting the customers with delicious and mouth savoring treats, kids and adults can now look forward to exciting flavours, to keep themselves cool during summer.

Exciting ice-creams in fun shapes

Shaped like a whale, this ice cream takes form of a unique design and is made with a combination of Butterscotch and Cotton Candy. Whale shaped icecream is a fun treat that will be a cute choice for all the little ones.

Priced at Rs. 20


Watermelon is a duo flavoured ice cream bar that promises to make your summer truly special. This never-before combination of Watermelon & Pista is sure to bring down the temperature as you bite into the mouth-watering flavours.

Priced at Rs. 20

Blueberry Sorbet:

Offering a refreshing treat for everyone, the newly launched Blueberry sorbet is a melt-in-the-mouth fruit pulp that is sure to delight the customers of all ages. All it takes is one spoonful of blueberry sorbet to experience a little bit of indulgence.

Priced at Rs. 30                     

The products are currently available across retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants and Hatsun Daily outlets