Lakmé takes on the #FaceAppChallenge with a unique twist

Lakmé takes on the #FaceAppChallenge with a unique twist

With quirky social media posts and influencer engagement the iconic beauty brand steered conversation towardsanti-ageing

July 2019: Last week, a new trend took over the internetby storm. The FaceApp – an app thattransforms a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or even change gender caught the attention of people across the globe, with many Indian celebrities, including several movie stars and lifestyle bloggers taking up the#FaceAppChallenge. While the app was busy making everyone look at their future selves, Lakmé saw this as the perfect opportunity to trendjack the conversation and steered the conversation around anti-ageing.

WithitsLakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Range – a popular product known specifically for its age defying properties, the brand was quick on the move and engaged with its consumers by driving the social media traffic in its favour using the hashtag #FaceAppChallenged. All of this was done with some quirky posts on defying age, with anidea, “Who said getting old is inevitable as Lakmé has you covered”

.The #FaceAppChallenged was a hit with the social media influencers who found the content hilarious enough to make it viral among their followers. To drive the conversation further, Lakmé shipped a box full of Youth Infinity products with a personalized note reminding them of how the challenge of growing old is funny virtually, but not in real life. But there’s nothing to worry as Lakmé has got your back! 

While influencers got their share of goodies, the brand ensured that the larger consumer base also merits from this campaign. Lakmé used this opportunity to turn the hashtag into a promo code and drive ecommerce sales of its Youth Infinity Range on their websiteby rewarding the audience with discounts.

Lakmé’s quick move and witty take on the trending topic,struck a chord with influencers and consumers.


Concept and Creative: Edelman India

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