Indian Awards 2022 Presented to 100 Celebrities by John Amalan and Sneha Nair

Indian Awards 2022 Presented to 100 Celebrities by John Amalan and Sneha Nair
Indian Awards 2022 Presented to 100 Celebrities by John Amalan and Sneha Nair

Indian Awards 2022 Presented to 100 Celebrities by John Amalan and Sneha Nair

The India Awards 2022 awards ceremony was held in a grand manner at the ITC Chola Star Hotel in Guindy, Chennai. The event was attended by political leaders, film industry, journalists, disabled people and others.

Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Meiyanathan, Naam Tamizhar Party Coordinator Seeman, Member of Parliament Vijay Vasanth, Actor Radharavi, Nakeeran Gopal, Aparna Balamurali, Yogi Babu,
Bjorn, Shruthika, Akshara Reddy, Malavika Jayaram, Ramya Pandian, Robo Shankar,Parvathy Nair, Shirin Kanchwala, Shivani Rajasekhar, Sanchitha Shetty and many other celebrities attended...
It is noteworthy that John Amalan and Sneha Nair presented the Indian Awards 2022 awards for the awardees.

The Indian Award 2022 awards were presented to the film's director Parthiban and the crew for the film Shadow of the Night.

 Award for Best Journalists went to Puthiya Thalaimurai Editor Karthikeyan and Sun News Sub Editor Duraipandi.

 Indran. P was also awarded the Best Public Relations Officer (PRO) award for this year.

At the Indian Awards 2022, Robo Shankar performed in multiple voices as various celebrities... Comedian Yogi Babu danced to Darbar film song and GV Prakash sang Adiye song graced the stage of the awards show.

 Celebrities including actor Parthiban, actor Radharavi, Member of Parliament Vijay Vasanth spoke about Indian Awards 2022..

Actor and director Parthiban spoke at the event after receiving the Indian Awards 2022 awards.

He said that he was happy to receive the Indian Awards in front of everyone. Parthiban recalled that Nallakannu had given 10 lakh rupees with the award given to him by the Tamil Nadu government on Independence Day and again combined 5 thousand rupees with 10 lakh and donated it to the Chief Minister's relief fund. After this event, he said that this incident gives great inspiration to actors like him and this award given now gives him great joy and motivation.It is a pleasure to see such an award venue conducting an annual program to award talented people. He said that this is the first time that he has come to this award show...

 Member of Parliament Vijay Vasanth spoke at the awards ceremony
 I used to be an actor and after my father's death I am now involved in politics, whether it is politics or business, I am working to fulfill my father's dream.
 He said that such awards should be given to various talented people in the future.

Speaking later, Journalist Nakkeeran Gopal said that he had endured a lot of pains and hardships for 35 years to receive this award. He said that he got this award as a medicine for those difficulties. Appreciating John Amalan that the award is very well designed, he said it is a magnificent award to display. Noting that this was an award for the Nakkeeran family, he thanked Indian Media Works. Nakkeeran Gopal, who came to know through the host of the program that the funds obtained through this program will be used for agriculture, said that he expressed his utmost respect for this initiative.

Appreciating that the award has been created to show that if we unite unitedly, victory is sure, Seeman, the coordinator of Nam Tamizhar Party, praised that this is the first time that the award has been given for politics. Seeman urged everyone to please talk politics and do politics and said that our duty is not complete with voting. He expressed happiness that the award confirms that he is on the right political path. He also said that he felt his responsibility and duty. He also said that fighting is not entertainment and they are imposed. Saying that he agrees with the social crime, everyone should take responsibility and strive to create a pure society, and said that the time allotted to them is to bring the family in such an award ceremony. He said that his wife, who grew up watching her father's involvement in politics from a young age, knows the inability to spare time and realizes that she is an extension of it.

Everyone praised & appreciated the efforts taken by John Amalan for organising Indian Awards 22 a grand success.