EKA signs MoU with Log9 to Provide Advanced Fast Charging Battery Solutions

EKA signs MoU with Log9 to Provide Advanced Fast Charging Battery Solutions
EKA signs MoU with Log9 to Provide Advanced Fast Charging Battery Solutions

EKA signs MoU with Log9 to Provide Advanced Fast Charging Battery Solutions


Log9’s advanced battery technology will enable EKA’s E-buses & LCV’s to InstaCharge in less than 30 minutes




Hyderabad/ Mumbai, 12th April 2022: EKA, an electric vehicles & technology company, and a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries Limited, has announced entering into a long-term strategic collaboration, initiated through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with Bengaluru-headquartered advanced battery technology startup Log9 Materials. The partnership is mainly aimed to provide Log9 fast-charging advanced battery solution RapidX for EKA’s new energy vehicles, including their recently launched pure electric bus range, EKA E9 and soon to be launched range of Light Commercial Vehicles.




Notably, Log9’s RapidX batteries are the first of-its-kind batteries in India for electric buses and SCVs that come with 15-years warranty, long cycle life (of greater than 15,000 charge-discharge cycles), and are powered by InstaCharge battery technology which enables charging time of less than 30 minutes on both the LCV and e-Bus platforms of EKA. Further, both these LCVs and e-Buses powered by Log9's batteries shall be made available to the market at scale in the upcoming 3 to 6 months. Following the launch of respective vehicle platforms, as a part of the collaboration EKA & Log9 will be targeting to deploy at least 10,000 InstaCharged LCVs and 200+ e-Buses within a year. The vehicles will be deployed initially in Mumbai and Pune Metropolitan regions, and later rolled out across other metros and geographies.




Speaking on the partnership, Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, EKA & Pinnacle Industries Limited, highlighted, “We are pleased to announce this new strategic alliance with Log9, a leading Indian battery technology company. At EKA, we are committed to providing a solid platform for sustainable, efficient, reliable public & commercial transport in cities, and our collaboration with Log9 is another step to strengthen our commitment. We look forward creating a new ecosystem in global CV electric mobility that is equipped with powerful technology for mass adaptation. I am confident that both EKA & Log9 will put India on the global road map for creating revolutionary new energy commercial vehicles & solutions equipped with best in class battery technology. EV adoption is no more a choice but a necessity and with such collaborations, we will be able to transform the sector to greater heights.”




EKA is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive seating, interiors & speciality vehicles company, and is one of the only 3 commercial vehicle manufacturers approved under the Champion OEM Scheme of the Government of India’s Auto PLI policy.




Speaking on the collaboration, Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials said, “We are happy and proud to partner with EKA by Pinnacle Mobility Solutions to integrate our RapidX batteries for the first time into EKA’s Electric Bus and LCV trucks that will be particularly useful for intercity logistics and movement purposes. Log9’s RapidX batteries will enable InstaCharging these vehicles in under 30 minutes, which in turn will lead to less waiting times or downtime and increased vehicle utilization on roads, while offering optimum Power, Performance and Peace of Mind for the end-users. We are confident that this long term partnership between Log9 and EKA will go a long way to revolutionize EVs in India, while in parallel furthering our mission of Pioneering Responsible Energy and promoting zero-emission electric mobility.”




Log9 has leveraged its cell-to-pack competency to develop its InstaCharge batteries that provide 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. Log9’s InstaCharge technology brings down the total charging time which further optimizes the utilization of charging infrastructure and operational profitability for commercial vehicles.




EKA recently introduced its first 9-metre pure electric & zero-emission bus, EKA E9, featuring a new streamlined vehicle design, maximized power & range due to its monocoque stainless steel chassis and complete composite structure. With a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower than existing diesel-engine buses and other commercial vehicles, EKA E9 promises to deliver sustainability and profitability to all stakeholders. EKA is also developing Light Commercial Vehicles, designed to help increase range and lower operating costs while helping businesses achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Enabled with pioneering new digital technology, it will allow a custom fleet management system as well. 






About EKA:




EKA is an automotive & technology company creating a new paradigm in global CV electric mobility. With an industry-leading team, cutting-edge technology, modular designs, and lean manufacturing processes, EKA visions to bring reliable and efficient mobility solutions to the masses. EKA’s sharable technologies and low investment production processes will enable the lowest TCO and democratize electric vehicles for mass adaptation.




About Pinnacle Industries:




Started in 1996, Pinnacle Industries Ltd. is India’s leading automotive seating, interiors and special application vehicles company. Pinnacle Industries has continuously expanded its product range through investing in its employees, clientele and technology partners, with the group today employing over 3000 people in India, Spain & USA.




About Log9 Materials




Log9 is an indigenous deep-tech and advanced battery-tech startup that is redefining the EV industry's standards in the fight against climate change, by offering batteries that can be charged 9x faster, can last 9x longer and offer 9x higher performance and safety. It is the only Indian company today that holds in-house competencies ranging from electrode materials to cell fabrication to battery packs. Log9's sole purpose and mission is to pioneer Responsible Energy, and through its initiative, the Responsible Delivery Movement, Log9 is leading an industrywide consortium of OEMs, Aggregators, End Users, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the threats of climate change and is mobilizing the first and last-mile delivery ecosystems to combat it. Furthermore, with an eye on the changing transportation and logistics industries, Log9 is investing heavily in the research and development of Aluminum Fuel Cells that will power long-haul commercial vehicles of the future. Log9 is funded by leading VCs like Sequoia and Exfinity Ventures and strategic investors such as Amara Raja Batteries and Petronas (Malaysia).