Brakes India and JV partner ZF showcase future technologies at

Brakes India and JV partner ZF showcase future technologies at
Brakes India and JV partner ZF showcase future technologies at Auto Expo 2018

New Delhi, 8th February 2018: Brakes India and JV partner ZF are showcasing future technologies and products at the Auto Expo 2018 components show. Advanced electronics, driver assist, and electronic stability control brake systems are among the key innovations shaping the future of mobility. Brakes India is reinforcing its commitment to introducing new technology at the 2018 Auto Expo including integrated brake control, radar, and camera products.

Integrated Brake Control (IBC)

To meet the future requirements of low vacuum or vacuum-less braking systems as electrification of the powertrain increases, the integrated brake control (IBC) is a non-vacuum, integrated electro-hydraulic brake apply control unit which replaces the electronic stability control, vacuum booster, and vacuum pump (where needed), associated cables, sensors, switches and controllers. The IBC provides superior performance in a single, integrated unit with fuel economy and CO2 emission benefits through full regenerative braking capability. There is also significant weight savings with fewer components, compact packaging and easier vehicle assembly. The IBC enables reduced stopping distance, fast brake pressure build rates for systems such as automatic emergency braking which helps enhance the safety of pedestrians and other road users. IBC can be used from small-car to light-truck segments and is compatible with all powertrains. 


AC1000 is a fourth-generation 77GHz forward looking radar that enables vehicle and pedestrian detection features and helps to meet the 2016+ Euro NCAP 5-star ratings. It can be combined with camera in a sensor fusion system to enhance safety and comfort functions, for effective high-speed adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking performance.


The single lens front camera, S-Cam3 is a compact, high-performance, third-generation camera that helps to meet the 2016+ Euro NCAP test requirements. It includes advanced object recognition technology with a Mobile EyeQ3 image processor and vision algorithms, combined with ZF’s longitudinal and lateral vehicle control algorithms for functions such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance. It also enables a range of features including traffic sign recognition, large animal detection and pedestrian automatic emergency braking. It offers a common housing design with multiple OEM connector options and a thermal design that enables reliable high temperature operation.


The Tri-cam forward camera delivers long-range and short / wide object detection for premium and semi-automated applications. This camera has best-in-class optical performance with a fisheye lens for optimum short-range object detection and a telephoto lens for long-range object detection up to 300 m. It features a compact mechanical design smaller than any stereo camera in the market - and effectively supports automated driving functions due to its multiple optical paths.

Sriram Viji, Deputy Managing Director – Brakes India says, “Brakes India continues to workclosely with ZF to help ensure that the appropriate technologies are brought to the Indian market at the right time and at the right cost. This was clearly showcased though our first ever domestically manufactured Electric Park Brake as well as our early entry into anti-lock braking and advanced slip control systems. With our strong connection with OEMs in India and our localized design and development capability, we will support our customers in launching vehicles with enhanced safety and convenience”.

Brakes India and JV partner ZF showcase future technologies at Auto Expo 2018