Kotak Life Insurance Launches its Digital campaign #CantLiveWit

Kotak Life Insurance Launches its Digital campaign #CantLiveWit
Kotak Life Insurance Launches its Digital campaign Cant Live Without Her

'Jasneet Bachal, Head - Marketing, Kotak Life Insurance'

Chennai: Kotak Life Insurance unveiled its new digital campaign #CantLiveWithoutHer on this ‘Women’s Day’. The campaign focuses on creating awareness among working women to get insured and secure their loved ones.

Today, women are more socially empowered and contribute equally towards the household financial needs. However, two issues still continue to persist. One, as pointed out in a study done by Fidelity Investments, eight out of ten women confessed to not being involved in financial decision making for the house. Two, for every eight insured working men, only two working women have life insurance. Women’s participation and voice in the financial discussions of the house should have the same weight as their partner. Further, it is important to insure a woman’s life for the role that she plays in managing a family.

Jasneet Bachal, Head – Marketing, Kotak Life Insurance said, “The Indian income landscape has transformed significantly over the last decade or so with more and more women joining the workforce. A nuclear family, especially in an urban set up, relishes the joy of double income with both the man and woman of the house stepping out to achieve their dreams. However, the financial security cover is often limited to the man. Our new campaign addresses this issue, and emphasises on the need and importance to insure a woman’s life. It also encourages families to have collaborative financial planning conversations.”

Sreekanth Dass, Director, One September said, “The idea for the film came from a line used by most people in love - "I can't imagine life without you." While the line is meant to be romantic, we saw a hard-hitting monetary truth in it. The woman's contribution in running the home and family is equally important; which means the man is also equally dependent on her. But unfortunately, a majority of working women still seem to overlook this fact and don't insure themselves. So the film serves as a reminder of the equal contribution that women make and persuades them to be insured as well.”

The video can be viewed here: YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYuP9HW_i_U

Agency Credits:

* Creative & Production Agency: One September

* Creative team: Aarish Matcheswalla & Sreekanth Dass

* Producers: Samson Jones & Abhishek Hegde

* Direction: Sreekanth Dass & Varun Bhonsle

* DOP: Miles

Kotak Life Insurance Launches its Digital campaign Cant Live Without Her